Address 6-10-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan
TEL 03-3583-1935
Ceremony Style Shinto wedding 40 person(Each family is 20 person)
Ceremonial Fee 85,000yen
Access 【Transportation】
・ Chiyoda Line 「Akasaka Station」
・ Hibiya Line ・ Oedo Line 「Roppongi Station」
・ Nanboku Line 「Roppongi-itchome Station」
・ Ginza Line「 Tameike-Sanno Station」
・ Tokyo Bus @「 ARK Hills」
8 minutes walk from above stations
8 Cars
The shrine pavilion is all made of timber of Japanese cypress and topped by copper sheet roofing lacquered in vermilion, which is known as the ikkensha-zukuri. And the building miraculously had escaped the disasters by the Ansei Great Earthquake (1855), the Kanto Great Earthquake (1923) and the Great Tokyo Air Raids (1945).Therefore the building still retains the original features from Edo period. Also, it is designated as a Tokyo-Metropolitan-Area designated intangible cultural property.
The precinct of the shrine is covered by thick green trees and there are Torii, stone lanterns and Komainu (shrine guardian dog statues) which has the name of the period “Edo” engraved upon these. These old properties help us to depict the Edo period and it is a quite rare shrine in Kanto region.Also, there is a 400 year-old big ginko tree, a natural monument which has brilliant color in fall. Also there is “Shiawase Inari shrine”, the name is given by Kaishu KATSU, a supporter of a noble who saved one and a half million peoples’ lives and properties in Edo period.
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Shrine List

  • 上賀茂神社

    World heritage KAMIGAMO SHRINE