Shrine Ceremony

Many Shinto shrines in are Kyoto registered as world heritage sites and have more than a 1000 year history
Enjoy an authentic Japanese traditional Shinto wedding, or a photo shoot framed by the four seasons

Japanese Shrine Ceremony

3 Points

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Ceremony Flow

The bride and the groom promise their love and forge their bond in traditional Japanese Shinto style.
Experience a traditional beautiful wedding ceremony at a special place with living history


Procession to the shrine

After purifying your hands with holy water,
all the attendants proceed to the shrine
guided by the Shinto priest and the shrine maiden.

Purification Rite

After making prayers, the Shinto priest brushes off the foulness and
purifies the bride, the groom and assembled congregation.

Opening Bowing to Show Respect

All the attendants sit up and bow with the Shinto priest to the altar

Prayer of Blessing

The Shinto priest announces the intent of the couple
to marry to the altar and makes a prayer blessing them
with happiness for the duration of their days.

Exchange of Sacred Sake

The bride and the groom take three sips each from small,
medium and large sized-cups of sacred sake with
the Shinto shrine maiden’s guidance in turn,
and agree to a contract binding their lives together in marriage.

Wedding Vow

The bride and the groom proceed to the altar and read out the wedding vows

Sasaki Branch Offering

The bride and the groom receive a Sasaki branch from
the Shinto shrine maiden and make offerings to the altar.

Drinking Sake

the Shinto shrine maiden pours sacred sake starting from
the bridal couple’s parents to other family members. All the attendants sit up,
take three sips and drink the sacred sake voicing agreement to the binding of two families into one.

Closing Bow/ Shinto Priest’s Speech

All the attendants sit up and bow with the Shinto priest to the altar.
The Shinto priest announces their marriage and closes the ceremony with a benedictory speech.


All the attendants bow to the altar and exit in the same order in procession following the Shinto priest,
first the bride and the groom, followed by their parents and other family members.