Optional Plan

Wedding Cake

  • Wedding Cake 40,000JPY~
    Customizable to your preference
wedding cake wedding cake wedding cake wedding cake


  • Bouquet and boutonniere of freshly cut flowers 30,000JPY~
  • Head garlands of freshly cut flowers 5,000JPY~
  • Surprise bouquet 5,000JPY~
  • Freshly cut flower coordination for the reception
    10 people: 100,000JPY~
    20 people: 150,000JPY~
    Customizable to your preference
  • Flower shower 550JPY/per person
  • Bring in flower shower 5,000JPY
flower flower flower flower

Photography / Videography

  • Church or Shrine wedding video
    (Preparation~ Wedding ceremony~Group family photography) 5 minute digest version
  • Church or Shrine wedding & outdoor photo shoot video
    (Preparation~ Wedding ceremony~ Group family photography~Outdoor photo shoot) 8 minute digest version
  • Wedding ceremony & Reception party video
    (Preparation~ Wedding ceremony~ Group family photography~ Reception party) 10 minute digest version
  • Outdoor photo shoot video
    1 location (5 minute digest version) 50,000JPY
    2 locations (8 minute digest version) 90,000JPY
  • Reception party photos (Data of 150 shots)
  • Outdoor photos (Data of 100 shots)
    70,000JPY No hairstyle or makeup change between shots included
  • Add one photographer in the ceremony (add 100 cut)
写真/映像 写真/映像 写真/映像 写真/映像

Photo Album

  • “Memories” (22cm by 22cm) 35,000JPY
  • “Scenes” (26cm by 26cm) 55,000JPY/20P 65,000JPY/40P
  • “Antique” (26cm by 26cm) 90,000JPY/20P 99,000JPY/40P
  • “GRACE” (19cm×27cm) 90,000JPY/20P 99,000JPY/40P
    ※Free delivery via EMS
デザインアルバム デザインアルバム

Hair & Makeup

  • Wedding reception or party hair & make up and interpreter support 30,000JPY

Costume rental for guests

  • Morning Dress Coat( for fathers) 25,000JPY
    Includes: suit jacket and pants, white shirt, necktie, pocket handkerchief, white gloves and black shoes
  • Tuxedo(for guests) 35,000JPY
    Includes suit jacket and pants, white shirt, bowtie and black shoes
  • Kurotome-sode (black kimono for mothers/female guests) 55,000JPY
  • Irotome-sode (colorful kimono for female guests) 45,000JPY
  • Child dress (size: from 100-150cm) 10,000JPY
  • Child tuxedo (size: from 100-150cm) 10,000JPY
  • Child kimono
    25,000JPY (For children up to 3 years old. Comes with overcoat, zouri shoes, a bag and hair accessories.)
    40,000JPY (For children up to 7 years old. Comes with zouri shoes, a bag and hair accessories.)
    Child yukata
    10,000 JPY (size adjustable)
  • Pressing service for guests’ costumes 10,000JPY
  • Montsukihakama (for male guests) 35,000JPY

Hairstyling & Makeup

  • Hairstyling for 1 guest
  • Makeup for 1 guest
  • Kimono dressing for 1 guest
  • Kimono dressing for children
  • Hairstyling for children


  • Entrance redvirgin road 20,000JPY
  • Chinese tea ceremony before the wedding 30 minutesextending (50 cut) 30,000JPY
  • Japanese tea party (excluding Kimono) after wedding ceremony in church 50,000JPY/10 person
  • Kids meal (3years up) meal+drink 5,000JPY
  • Kids meal (under 3 years) meal+drink 2,000JPY

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