Church Wedding & Japanese style photo location & Reception Party

Plan Includes

  • Ceremony fee

    • ・Church Ceremony (Members present at ceremony: Pastor, 2 church singers, 1 pipe organ player, and 1 violinist)
      ・50 candles
      ・Ceremony program itinerary
      ・Ring Pillow
      ・Wedding Certificate (not a legal document)
      ・Pre-ceremony counselling by the pastor
  • Costumes (with 1 kimono change)

    • ・Bride’s dress and accessories (veil, tiara, necklace, gloves, shoes etc)
      ・Groom’s tuxedo and accessories (white shirt and shoes included)
      ・Size alteration and costume maintenance
      ・Bride’s kimono (choose from Shiromuku/Irouchikake/Honburisode), kimono accessories
      ・Groom’s hakama and accessories
  • Makeup/Styling

    • ・Styling/Dressing for the bride and groom
      ・Bride’s personal assistant
  • Photography 150 shots

    • ・Photo Shoot in church and one outdoor photo location
      ・Ceremony 100 shots
      ・Kimono photo location 50 shots
      (all shots will be edited and saved in CD, which will be the clients’ final product)
      ・One couple or family portraits
  • Flower

    • Fresh flower bouquet/boutonniere
      Flower shower 10person
  • Exquisite French Cuisine

    • Our skilled chefs will carefully prepare the finest dishes for you and your guests, appealing not only to your taste buds but also to your visual sense.
      *Please let us know of any allergies or requests you or your guest(s) may have so that we may arrange alternatives for you.
  • Free Flow of Drinks

    • ・Sparkling wine/Beer/Whisky/Wine (Red/White)/Japanese sake/Cocktails
      ・Soft drinks
  • Banquet Space

    • Sound, projector and screen provided
  • Others

    • ・Include welcome drinks
      ・Changing rooms (for guests)
      ・Interpreter and personal assistant

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