1 Western + 1 Japanese Style

Plan Includes

  • Costumes(1 Western / 1 Japanese)

    • ・Bride’s dress and accessories (veil, tiara, necklace, gloves, shoes etc)
      ・Groom’s tuxedo and accessories (includes white shirt and shoes)
      ・Size alteration and costume maintenance
      ・Bride’s kimono (choose from Shiromuku/Irouchikake/Honburisode), kimono accessories
      ・Groom’s hakama and accessories
      ・Assistance in kimono dressing
  • Makeup/Styling(1Western/1Japanese)

    • Hairstyling, makeup and personal assistance (for both bride and groom)
      Also includes changing of hairstyle after costume change
  • Photography 100 shots

    • ・Photo Shoot in 2 outdoor photo shoot locations (inclusive of transportation fees)
      ・About 100 shots (all shots will be edited and saved in CD, which will be the clients’ final product)
      ・Couple or family portaits (comes in 1 mount sets)
      ・Custom designed photo album (Delivered via EMS, free of charge.)
  • Others

    • ・VIP rooms (for the couple and their guests respectively, include welcome drinks)
      ・transportation fees (for one location)
      ・Interpreter and personal assistant

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Location Photo Shooting 写真撮影


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