Tokyo - photo shoot -

Tokyo, the heart of Japan, is one of the prosperous of the worlds. There is a flourishing business area – Ginza, it must visit place in Tokyo too.
Here also keep the traditional culture and building, which is like Tokyo station. Asakusa. Imperial Palace and Japanese traditional garden…, all you can experience in this city that is other countries cannot discover.
Depending on the seasons, you can take a variety of fascinating photos. Tokyo is the most charming city in the world.

  • Wadakura Fountain Park

  • Kansen-en Park(need addtional fee)

  • Former Yasuda Garden (need additional fee)

  • Heisei garden (need additional fee)

An additional fee of 30,000yen will be charged to couples who reserve their photoshoot during Saturday. Sunday and holiday. We hope you will understand.
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