■Regarding Reservation

Q. When can I start reservation?
A. We accept reservations anytime! For peak seasons (sakura and autumn seasons), most of our clients make reservations about a year before the scheduled date. Please make your reservation early to avoid disappointment.
Q. How do I make a reservation?
A. First, please fill out and send us the contact form. Our representative will reply your inquiries via email as soon as possible. Once your reservation is confirmed, we will send you an invoice (no deposit needed).
Q. Will extra charges occur if I cancel or change the date after reservation?
A. There will be no extra charges if cancelled 11 days before the scheduled wedding date (4 days for photo shoot). You may also make changes to your schedule after reservation (subject to availability), so you may book with us stress-free!
Cancellation fees are as below:
Wedding Ceremony
“Up to 11 days before scheduled date: no charges
Within 10 days before scheduled date: 100% of original price”
(The cancellation policy of party and propose as same as wedding ceremony)

Photo Shoot
“Up to 4 days before the scheduled date: no charges
3 days before the photo shoot: 10% of original price
2 days before the photo shoot: 20% of original price
On the scheduled date: 100% of original price”
Q. How do I know when my reservation is confirmed?
A. After sending the reservation form, you will receive an automatic reply. Our staff then makes preparations according to your request as soon as possible. After checks and arrangements are completed, our staff will send you a confirmation email. This means reservation is completed.
Q. What if my flight gets cancelled unexpectedly (because of typhoon/snowstorm etc.)? Do I still need to pay the cancellation fee?
A. If your wedding or photo shoot has to be cancelled due to inevitable reasons, such as natural disasters, wars, or government orders, we will not charge any cancellation fee. However, we will also not cover the costs of your necessary expenditures due to the flight being cancelled. We seek your understanding on this matter.

■Regarding Payment

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?
A. There is no need for a deposit when making a reservation. However, if you are reserving a shrine wedding package with us, you would need to make a payment for the ceremonial fee within 1 week of reserving your wedding date. (We will pay the shrine on your behalf after we receive your payment. Credit card payment also acceptable.)

Please note that the ceremonial fee is non-refundable. We seek your understanding regarding this matter.
Q. Is payment in cash only?
A. Payment via telegraphic transfer or credit card is also acceptable in addition to cash.
*We may not be able to accept certain credit cards.(Visa, Master, Amex, JCB acceptable, Union not acceptable.)
Q. When do I make the payment?
A. Payment can be made before the scheduled date, when you arrive in Japan and meet our representatives for the first time. If your schedule does not allow for you to meet us in person before the scheduled date, please pay via credit card beforehand (instructions will be sent to you via email).
Q. Are flight fares and accommodation fees included in your prices?
A. No, flight fares, accommodation fees and other personal expenditures have to be paid separately to the respective agents responsible for providing the services.
However, we will be more than happy to recommend and assist you in booking accommodation, so if you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to make your request ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Email us at info@overseas-wedding.jp or inquire through our contact form here.

■Regarding The Wedding Ceremony

Q. What do I need to do before the wedding ceremony?
A. We will need you to come to our bridal boutique to do a final fitting of your wedding dress up to 2 days before the ceremony (we will adjust accordingly to your schedule so feel free to book any date!). As for hairstyling, makeup, photography, photo shoot locations, wedding reception etc and other additional options, our representative will discuss further in detail with you via email before your arrival in Japan. Please feel free to let our representative know any concerns you may have.
Q. What is the program like on the actual wedding day?
A. We will start the preparation 2.5 hours before the wedding ceremony, so please be at the church by then. You will get ready in the church’s bridal room, where our hairstylists and makeup artists will assist you. Our photographers will also be present at some stages during your preparation to take shots. After your hair and makeup is done, our pastor will come to your bridal room to greet you. As for your family members and guests, they will be waiting at the guests’ lounge where we will serve them drinks while they wait, and guide them to the chapel for the ceremony when it is time. Our chapel musicians will serenade the guests before you make your big entrance.
The ceremony takes about 30 minutes, after which you and your partner can have a photo shoot around the church for 30 minutes (1 hour in total).

Should you have additional options in your package or any other requests, we will adjust the schedule accordingly.
Q. Can I change the ceremony’s procedures or programs?
A. Certainly. Please let our representative know about your requests.
Q. Can I hold my wedding ceremony in your church even though I’m not Christian?
A. Yes, St. Andrew’s Church is specially built for weddings, so anybody can have their wedding here regardless of religious faith. Feel free to book your church wedding with us!
Q. Can I hold a wedding here for my wedding anniversary?
A. Yes, of course. We hold weddings not only for newlyweds but for married couples as well! Feel free to inquire with us for more details!

■Regarding Wedding Outfits

Q. I’m worried the costumes won’t fit, or that I don’t look good in them. What should I do?
A. We have a bridal boutique where you can do actual fitting anytime up to 2 days before the wedding day, so you do not have to worry about size.
Size alteration takes time, so it will be best if you can do your fitting as early as possible, so that we can tailor the dress to fit you perfectly.
Please see the size chart below for reference.
SIZE(JAPAN) 5 7 9 11 13 15
WAIST 58cm 61cm 64cm 67cm 70cm 73cm
HIP 87cm 89cm 91cm 93cm 95cm 97cm
Q. How do I choose my costumes?
A. We will send you an online catalog after you inquire with us, so you may choose your desired costumes from there (brides may choose 3 and grooms may choose 2). Please also send us your sizes so that we can find the best fit for you, and also make alterations after the fitting session.
Q. Can I bring my own wedding dress/tuxedo?
A. Yes. You will get a 30000yen discount per attire you bring in. Your friends and families are also not charged for bringing in their own outfits for the wedding ceremony and/or photo shoot.
You may leave your dress/tuxedo with us one day before your wedding, and we will help keep your outfits in their best condition by removing any crease, so please rest assured and let us take care of your wedding outfits!
Q. Can I change my choice of dress after I arrive in Japan if I happen to see a better one in your boutique?
A. Yes, please come to our bridal boutique anytime up to 2 days before the wedding day to choose and try on our dresses.
Q. I couldn’t find a dress I liked on your online catalog, can I send you a picture of a dress I like and then request for a similar dress?
A. Yes, please do let us know what your ideal dress looks like. We may not be able to prepare the exact same dress, but we will do our best to pick out dresses with similar designs and silhouette for you.
Q. Do I need to bring anything?
A. We already have everything you need, including accessories to complement your dress or kimono. You just need your inner wear (for women: underwear/stockings, and for men: T-shirt/socks). We will prepare the special inner wear for kimono as well so you do not have to bring anything else.
Q. Do you provide pressing services if I bring in my own costumes?
A. Yes. If you need pressing for your costumes, please bring them in during the consultation before actual day. We will also keep costumes until scheduled program.(pressing cost: ¥10,000)
Q. Are accessories included?
A. Yes, all accessories are included (veil, gloves, shoes, shirt, kimono accessories, etc). After your fitting session, you may choose the accessories to go with your costumes.
Q. Can I rent formal wear for my family as well?
A. Certainly.
For fathers: morning coat – ¥25,000, tuxedo – ¥35,000
For mothers: tomesode (kimono) – ¥45,000 to ¥55,000, furisode (kimono) – ¥80,000
For sisters: furisode – ¥80,000
For young boys and girls: tuxedo/dresses – ¥10,000
We also provide kimono dressing, hairstyling and makeup services. Please let us know at least 11 days before the scheduled program if you would like to rent costumes for your family members.
Q. If I get the dress dirty during the photo shoot or wedding, do I need to reimburse?
A. No, you do not need to if the dress is not stained or damaged deliberately. Our dress maintenance team will clean all dresses and keep them in tip-top shape.

■Regarding Hairstyling/Makeup

Q. How long will the grooming preparations take?
A. Hairstyling and makeup will begin 2 hours before the scheduled time. Our beauty expert will check with your preferences as she proceeds, so please feel free to discuss your concerns with her!
Q. When should I tell you what hairstyle/makeup look I want?
A. We will begin hairstyling and makeup 2.5 hours before the ceremony. You may discuss your desired look with our beauty experts during this time. Or you may also send a picture of your desired look to us via email a week before the scheduled date, so that we can better understand and prepare what you need to achieve the look you want.
Q. I have sensitive skin. I am concerned if my skin is compatible with your products.
A. It’s your big day. We understand that the last thing you want is to have any sort of skin problems hindering you from enjoying your wedding. We will work out ways for your skin to look best without irritating it. Alternatively, you may also bring your own cosmetics if you’re worried about your skin not being compatible with our products.
Q. I have a bruise that I want to conceal badly, is that possible?
A. Our makeup artists can conceal anything that you don’t want to show with their techniques. However, should there be something that the makeup artist can’t conceal for some reason, our photo editor will photoshop away any flaws, so rest assured that your photos will turn out as beautiful as you want them to. Please do discuss your concerns with our beauty team on the day of the wedding or photo shoot.
Q. Can my family members get their hair and makeup done too?
A. Absolutely! Please let us know at least 11 days before the actual day.
Makeup: ¥9000
Hairstyling: ¥6000
Kimono dressing: ¥8000
Q. Can you style the groom’s hair as well?
A. Of course! If the groom has his own preferred gel or wax, feel free to bring it too.

■Regarding Photo Shoot

Q. How long is the shoot? And how many shots will be taken?
A. It depends on which package you have chosen. The wedding packages take 1 hour each (30 min for ceremony, 30 min for church photo shoot), with 150 shots in total. As for outdoor photo shoots, 1 location takes about 1 hour to shoot, with 100 shots in total. All photos will be given to you in data format.
Q. If it rains on the photo shoot day, can we reschedule the shoot?
A. We will check the weather forecast 4 days before the shoot, and if it turns out that probability of precipitation is more than 70%, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss any possiblities of rescheduling. If rescheduling is not possible, we will suggest other locations for the shoot (indoor locations or places where rain will still look good in photos).
Q. Do I have to bring my baggage to the shooting location? Will there be a vehicle to bring us around?
A. You can leave your baggage at the baggage room in our salon. Our photography package includes a photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, an interpreter, as well as transport. Our team will provide support in every step of the way, so just leave everything to us and enjoy the experience!
Q. Can my family take part in the photo shoot as well?
A. Yes, of course! Also, feel free to take pictures with your own cell phones and cameras. If you wish to take part in the photo shoot with your partner only, please let us know as well.
Q. I have certain images in mind for my pictures; can the photographer help me with that?
A. Yes, our photographer will accede to your requests. If possible, we hope to hear your request in detail a month prior to the photo shoot, so that we can prepare anything else we may need to take the shots you want.
Q. How much can you retouch the photos?
A. We use the standard retouching techniques that are commonly applied throughout Asia. If you have any requests, please do let us know when checking the original photos after the photo shoot. We would be more than happy to accede to any request you have.
Q. Can we bring our own photographer to the church for the photo shoot?
A. As the church is a sacred place, unfortunately bringing in an external photographer is not allowed. Also, our photographers know Kyoto inside out, so we believe that they can take the best shots for you. If you still wish to bring in your own photographer, may we suggest that you use our photographers for the church scenes and your own photographer for outdoor location shoot.
Q. Can I order a photo album after returning to my home country?
A. No problem! Simply let us know the type of album you wish to order, and we will deliver the album to your doorstep.
Q. When will I get my album? How long does the editing and printing take?
A. Photo editing takes about 1 month, and album production and printing takes 1 month, therefore the album will be delivered to you in about 2 months by regular delivery (free postage).
Q. Will we get any breaks during the photo shoot?
A. Yes, drinks will also be provided.


Q. How else can I contact you other than email and phone call?
A. We also have a Skype account (Skype ID: overseas_wedding_in_japan) where you can call or chat with us anytime during our business hours (11:00 to 19:00 Japan time). You can also drop us a message on our https://www.facebook.com/overseasjapanwedding and we will answer your inquiry within 1 working day.

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