Chapel Ceremony

The chapel with brilliant stained glass windows passed on to us from the United Kingdom weaves a 300 year- history.
It shines like jewels beautifully watching over the bridal couples’ pledges of eternal love.

3 Points

  • 1. A Chapel with History Reaching out to your heart the minister, choir, organist, and violinist play in harmony. Surrounded by the 18th century stained glass windows passed on to us from the United Kingdom and antique pews, we deliver a unique impression and happiness to the bridal couple and the guests.
  • 2. Only 2 couples per day You can use the church freely with your guests. You can realize your ideal wedding with our service and can enjoy your photo shoot anywhere you wish, in addition to during the wedding ceremony.
  • 3. Bilingual customer support Chinese native speakers and fluent English speaking staff support non-Japanese speaking customers. You can request details, consult via email and phone, so even international bridal couples and those who are living abroad can prepare for a perfect wedding without stress.

Ceremony Flow

Our Chapels exist as places where you exchange vows of never ending love.
The Wedding ceremony at a chapel will be a special, memorable experience not only for you but also for your guests.


Entry of the minister, bride and groom.
Historical double doors open accompanied by live music.


Lowering of the bride’s veil by her mother
Your precious family watched over you from your birth
The bride’s new life starts with the lowering of her veil

Escort by the father of the bride
The Virgin Road symbolizes the path of your life up to this moment
You take steps one by one to the groom with your precious family who raised you to this day.


Wishing for your happiness, everyone sings a hymn.

Bible, Prayer, Congratulatory message

The minister gives you teaching from the bible on Love, and a congratulatory original message to the bride and the groom

Vows, Ring Exchange, Marriage Testimony

The bride and the groom pledge undying love in front of the softly shining stained glass windows.

Wedding Announcement, Benediction

When you look back from the altar, you will see emotional smiles of your guests.


The bride and the groom exit with applause from the guests and a jubilant shower of flower petals. The joyful and heartfelt ceremony will remain in the bride’s, the groom’s and your guests’ hearts forever.