Welcome back to Japan !! 2022/07/15

Hello~~Everyone. Long time no see!!

How long has it been since you last came to Japan? With the coexistence of many European and American countries with the virus, after opening their borders, Asian countries have gradually opened up their entry. Of course, Japan, a tourist destination, also opened group entry last month. Since June 10, it has limited the relatively low risk of the epidemic. Group tours with tour guides from 98 countries and regions, including the United States and China, have resumed receiving tourists to Japan, and various airlines have begun to restart routes between Japan and other countries. Are you excited? ! The key point is that the Japanese currency is cheap now, it is definitely a good time to exchange Japanese currency and wait for going abroad! Moreover, Japan has also begun to move to the next step, which is the opening of individual independent travel entry. I am really looking forward to it! !

The following are the latest PCR testing requirements for entering Japan, which will be updated to the latest version. Everyone, please open the air ticket comparison website as soon as possible. Compare the air tickets at the end of the year and next year, expecting

announcement on July 1, 2022

Obtain negative test certificate (designated collection method) (for all passengers)

Regardless of departure country or region , Regardless of nationality, all people returning from overseas (Japan) or re-entering Japan must submit a negative certificate for the new coronavirus test obtained within 72 hours (3 days) before leaving the country.

You can find out by submitting a certificate of testing on the Japanese government’s MySOS app Complete the confirmation procedures for entry quarantine in Japan in advance and submit the application 6 hours before the estimated time of arrival in Japan.

Attention! If you are staying overseas for a short period of time, you cannot use the test certificate obtained in Japan when you re-enter Japan. According to the Quarantine Law, if you cannot submit a test certificate, even Japanese passengers cannot enter Japan.

[Format of the test certificate] (Japan usually pays attention to the document format, it is recommended to ask the inspection office clearly)

If you use the format specified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Japan), Please fill in all required fields.

If you use a certificate in any format, please be sure to fill in all required fields and submit it in advance through the MySOS application. (Request for assistance from the Japanese government)

The required fields are as follows.



③Test method (designated)

④Test sample collection (designated)



③Test method (designated) p>

⑤Sample collection date

⑥Test results

⑦Testing institution name

⑧Certificate issue date

below important! ! ! It is very important to download

Please complete the following before departure at the departure airport. (For all passengers)

Download “MySOS” (Apply to Confirmation of Health Residence for Immigration)

Download “COCOA” (Contact Confirmation App)

Create a QR code through an application such as “MySOS”

The above are all necessary procedures for entry and will be confirmed during quarantine. (If you don’t have a smartphone, according to the Quarantine Law, you need to rent a mobile phone when you enter the country, so you have to have a mobile phone!)


After finishing,

in In principle, a written document confirming quarantine is not required for flight boarding procedures.

In principle, a written document confirming quarantine is not required during entry quarantine procedures.


Also note that when you arrive, if you are a person who needs to be quarantined, you need to fill in the [Affidavit]

According to the regulations of the quarantine authority, all entry into Japan Passengers who are quarantined at the time, regardless of nationality, need to submit an affidavit. (For example, self-isolation, not using public transportation unless permitted, saving location information, showing location information as required by the health center, etc.)

If you cannot submit an affidavit, you will be required to report to the quarantine center Quarantine in designated places (depending on your country or region).

The above, first understand the things you need to pay attention to when you arrive in Japan now!



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