Lily Collins Super cute cloak wedding dress 2021/09/11

Recently, a famous artist married Lily Collins, especially Lily announced her marriage on Instagram and shared many beautiful photos. The bride wore an elegant long-sleeved lace dress by Ralph Lauren, and the groom wore a classic black tie.


The first is a photo of two people kissing in a plain wood atmosphere. “I never wanted to be someone more important than you. Now I will be your wife. On September 4, 2021, we will officially become the people who are always important to each other. I love you very much @charliemcdowell”.


In another photo, I shared a close-up of a classic wedding dress with a delicate cloak. The hair was centered and placed in a smooth bun to match the eye-catching dress, and the makeup was naturally completed. The title of this photo is “The Happiest”.

The change that the cloak wedding dress started in 2017 is to put the veil on the wedding dress, and the long cloak wedding dress can also achieve the effect of “one wedding dress, two ways to wear”. After the ceremony, the cloak part is taken off immediately. Create another elegant style.


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