What props should be prepared for wedding photos? 2021/09/04

When shooting wedding photos, basically the props are prepared by the bride and groom, unless some photographers will prepare some props. Here are some things you can imagine when shooting wedding photos.

1. Theme

You can discuss with the other person what style you want, and then you can prepare some story content for the two, and you can develop the content, or you can discuss with the photographer first.

2. memories items

Like the number plate for running a marathon together, favorite hobbies, travel commemorative items, etc.
3. Toy

This is also a very common prop prepared by the bride and groom, such as Mickey Minnie, or a cartoon character that the two like very much

4. pet

For the beloved pet raised by the two, if it is not convenient for the pet to come to the scene, you can also prepare a photo together to take a souvenir.

5. Ballon


It is recommended that newcomers must communicate with the photographer in advance if they have props, and do not prepare too much, so as not to waste too much time in setting up props, or they can be provided to the photographer for the photographer to play freely.

The above provides some ideas so that the bride and groom can send more and better wedding photos.


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