How to design your wedding? don’t know how to start? Don't know how to ask the florist? Look here! 2021/08/21

The florist plays an important role on your important day-creating the most beautiful flower arrangements to make your wedding style come alive! From bouquets to corsages, on-site decorations to centerpieces, etc., wedding flowers can completely change your venue and add color to your day. But before you start choosing flowers, you need to find creative professionals who can do it all. Asking these key questions about wedding florists before hiring a wedding florist will ensure that you and your professionals reach a consensus.

1. How long has the experience of a florist?
There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but it is possible to know whether an experienced florist may have dealt with many unique situations, and can quickly solve the problem based on years of experience.

2. Ask the florist to provide some ideas or suggestions to achieve the appearance that the newcomer wants within the budget of the newcomer?
The wedding arrangement is different from the DJ or photographer. There is usually no fixed package, and most of the cost depends on the number and type of arrangements required and the flowers you want to use. This is why it is important to meet with a potential florist for the first time, considering the required flower budget and some information about the wedding-estimated number of guests, how many people will be needed, and the style of the new couple. Florists are good at finding creative ways of working within a variety of budgets, so you must know your budget and desired expenditures in advance.

3. Describe your floral design style?
As creative professionals, experienced wedding florists are used to working with clients of various styles. However, some florists specialize in certain types of flower designs, such as English gardens, simple or organic. If the style described by the flower shop sounds similar to your own aesthetic. However, don’t underestimate floral designers just because their style feels different from yours-just ask how they can adjust their aesthetics to create flower arrangements that meet your design goals.

4. Look at the portfolio
A picture is worth a thousand words, and the photos of the florist’s work are used to accurately show their abilities. Ask to see photos of the best work so that you know that what you see reflects their style.

5. Considering the color scheme, vision and budget, which flowers does the florist recommend?
Whether you are a flower fanatic or can’t remember the name of the flower, you need to trust your wedding florist when choosing the seasonal flowers that best suit your style. Although you don’t have to choose the exact wedding flowers at the first meeting, this question will give you an understanding of the florist’s breadth of knowledge about the industry, the availability of flowers, and colors.

6. Ask about the process of cooperation between the florist and the client.
Look for a florist you want to work with throughout the wedding planning process, or a professional you might prefer to work more independently. Also, ask your florist if they provide models before the wedding, but please note that these live examples are usually at an extra charge.

7. How to ship flowers? Are there any rules for cooperating with ceremonies and reception locations?
Will the florist simply hand over the floral arrangement to others, or will they handle the whole process from start to finish? Ideally, you should hire a florist who will take care of everything for you-you will have enough things to do before the wedding, and you should not be responsible for arranging floral decorations! It is also important that your florist understands any policies set by your venue, when they can enter the venue and how long they stay.

8. How much time will it take to set up?

Not only how long ago can you agree to the arrangement of the venue, but also how long it takes for the florist to arrange the venue. Of course, some things will be made in advance, but there may be some accidents or some time to assemble on the spot. Check with the florist a week before the wedding.

9. Are there any additional costs that should be known, such as delivery, set-up, breakdown or overtime?
These additional costs can increase rapidly, so it is important to get your wedding florist to prepare in advance so that you can factor any additional costs into your total floral budget.

10. What other items can you provide and how much does it cost?
Some flower shops can provide certain rental items, including vases, offerings, candlesticks


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