About the size of the wedding dress! Introduce measurement and how to choose size! 2021/08/14

Many people choose wedding dresses based on their “design” and “color”, but the important thing is not only the design and color. No matter how much you like the design of this dress, you cannot wear it unless the “size” matches.

Since wedding dresses are basically non-stretch fabrics, if they do not fit your body type, you may have to give up. Let me introduce to you how to choose the size of the wedding dress and what to pay attention to when measuring.

Let’s start with the main points when measuring body size.

[Measure the size with the clothes you wear]
I will measure the size with the same underwear as when I actually wear the wedding dress.

Usually Japanese bridal shops will provide a vest underwear, if you don’t know the size, please check the brand’s size symbol and measure your nude size.

[The place of measurement depends on the type of clothing]
It is not necessary for corset-style dresses with shoulders and arms, but when choosing a wedding dress with sleeves or a high neck that has become more and more popular recently, you need to measure the size around the neck and the length of the sleeves.

If you want to choose a mermaid style wedding dress, waist and hip size is also very important.

【Note the measurement position】
Did you know that there is also a fixed position when measuring the nude size? For example, when measuring shoulder width, it is easy to measure “from one end of the shoulder to the other”.

But in reality, it is necessary to measure the “distance from the protruding bone to the bone”. Basically, it is best to measure the size of the most protruding part.

Next is the size of the wedding dress

In fact, this part can be directly given to the staff of the bridal shop, because they have accumulated experience for a long time. As long as they have a body size, almost all of them can quickly come up with a similar size for the bride to try on, and the size of the wedding dress is also the same as the normal size. Different.

The size of the wedding dress is basically indicated by “○”.

If it is a dress with knitting on the back or a dress with fine-tuning size, it may be marked as “○ -○”.

Therefore, choosing the wedding dress according to the size of the clothes you usually wear is NG! The material of the wedding dress is completely different from the material used for daily wear. Basically, they are made of “unstretchable” materials such as organza and silk. For example, if you choose size 9 you may not be able to wear a wedding dress, because it is usually the size 9.

On the contrary, if the people of the 7th (S-M) usually choose the 9th, the larger one is fine, and it may be looser than expected.

If you try it on in a physical store, the staff at the clothing store will check the correct size.

If you wear a wedding dress that does not fit properly, you may fall down or feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable during the wedding. Nowadays, because of the epidemic, you can rent the dress online. Therefore, the correct size is very important, but some wedding dresses can. Adjust the size, “7-11”. If the bride plans to lose weight before the wedding, it is best to choose a wedding dress that can be adjusted in advance.



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