What are the wedding trends in 2021? 2021/07/10

To be honest, the trends we see now and the trends in the future may be two completely different things. I don’t know what the rest of this month or next year will look like in the world of weddings.

What we know is that the weddings in the past two years must be different from usual. 81% of new couples said that the epidemic has changed their expectations for weddings. This year, we also see that new people generally become more conscious, focus on [ceremonies], create more personalized details, and devote more effort to each guest, so that everyone can integrate into happiness together.


【Weekday wedding】

Weddings increase on weekdays, and the availability of venues in 2021 is very low. A weekday wedding may allow a couple to get married at their dream venue and hire a team they like. Coupled with the fact that the cost of weddings on weekdays is usually relatively low, this will be another opportunity for new couples.


People are more aware of their footprint than ever. And as digital invitations and virtual celebrations become more popular, couples are seeing the impact they can have. 


【DIY Beauty looks】

From the Zoom experiment to the big day makeover, the bride began to try to do her own hair and makeup, but if you can hire a professional makeup artist, you can make the wedding more perfect.


Micro Weddings

This year, we are seeing a rise in the micro wedding, aka an intimate wedding with fewer than 50 guests. There are many plus-sides to this new trend, from a focus on who is in attendance to the overall vibe of the event, which can lend itself to being more personal and emotional—especially during such an uncertain time.

Intimate Guest ListsAssigned Seating

Following the previous mini-wedding relationship, according to the American Wedding Research, 47% of newlyweds now plan to reduce their guest list. Although this is a difficult task, we have seen couples prioritize the health and health of their loved ones by limiting the number of attendees. Safety.

Designated seats are usually reserved for family members during the ceremony, but now basically all guests have specially arranged seats. This is a COVID-19 safety measure!


Sequel Weddings

Some 2020 couples chose to do this again this year and added the guest list. The point is that this second wedding will allow relatives and friends who were unable to attend this year to celebrate their love last year. Some newlyweds will retain some wedding elements and traditions, such as writing down their vows or dancing the first dance to make the second wedding more special.

Unexpected Venues

Something like holding a wedding on a boat or holding a wedding in your own backyard. Family weddings always have something special, especially during a pandemic. You can see the new couple holding an intimate celebration outdoors and embracing everything in front of them.


Domestic Destinations

There will be more destinations to travel by car or train, and no passports are required. Some people will even drive there by themselves, allowing short-term trips.


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