Do you Know the length of suit pants? Must to see for the groom! 2021/07/03

Suit pants, how long should the pants be? This is a question that many grooms will ask after trying on. The groom is usually handed over to our costumer for confirmation, but you can still know these contents so that you can find the length you like when trying on!

Before mentioning these, socks are one of the most important items for the lower body. It is recommended to choose dark and not loose stockings.

Next, there is the main event of the suit and pants, there are four in total, please continue to look down

Break means the creases of the trousers on the leather shoes. Of course, the longer the trousers, the more creases will be produced.

Full Break
This is the traditional length. When standing, the trousers are long and cover the upper with a wrinkle. If you like to wear wide pants, you can choose this one.

Half Break
As a basic suit, there is a bit of covering on the upper. Whether standing or sitting, it can avoid the embarrassing situation of getting stuck outside because the socks are not long enough.

Quarter Break

This is the trousers with reflexes inside. In addition to the different styles, the reflexes of the trousers are just on the mouth of the shoe that just touches, so as to stabilize the mouth and keep the pants smooth.

No Break
No Break is becoming more and more popular now. The suit trousers hang straight to the edge of the vamp without wrinkles, can show the leg length and are the best modification, which is very popular among young people.

Basically Quarter Break and No Break show part of their ankles when they sit down, so you must wear suits and stockings!

The above is provided for reference when the groom tries on! Basically, try it on on the spot, and the dresser will indicate the length on the spot to be more accurate!


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