Chill black! Would you like to choose a black wedding dress? ! 2021/06/19

One of the first and most well-known black wedding dresses is definitely to mention Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker), one of Sex and the City heroines.

When she entered the clothing store, she wanted to choose a low-key wedding dress. “Black” has always given people a low-key and calm feeling, but this unexpected choice to escape the world is also opening the door to a new color for wedding dresses.

But it is still necessary to suggest a suitable location and time for the brides to refer to
1. Outdoor wedding
2. The second wedding dress in the wedding banquet
3. Wedding photos

Choose a black wedding dress key
Black can be matched with beautiful floral embroidery, romantic lace, exquisite beading and whimsical feathers and other decorations also create a pleasant feeling. After wearing it, walking through the wedding trail will surely bring unexpected surprises.

We think there will be more and more brides choosing black and dark wedding dresses in the future!


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