The special episode of Mother's Day -The demeanor of mothers at the wedding! 2021/05/08

Mother’s Day in 2021 is May 9th, and every year’s Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May.

In weddings, mothers are also an important role. In Western weddings, they can lead the bride on the red carpet, cover the bride with a veil, or thank the bride and groom at the wedding banquet. Even if it is not Mother’s Day, it is an unforgettable memory for mothers!

Let’s take a look at these moments together!

The mother helped her daughter to cover her veil, and it was always touching to see her mother’s hands covered with the blessing veil!


In Japanese weddings, mothers put fans in for their daughters. Fans represent good marriage and perfection, and are one of the important items of Japanese wedding dress decorations.


One day once a year, to express our gratitude to our favorite mother. Through this special day, you must cherish the people around you, talk to your family and brothers and sisters, and plan a surprise gift that will make your mother happy!

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