The size questions of Wedding dresses ! 2021/04/26

When you talk about overseas weddings, one of your most worried about is the size of the wedding dress. The most frequently received question is the size of the wedding suit. Our wedding dresses are only available in small sizes when they are purchased in some sizes (factor of designing the brand), otherwise many styles are available. According to the size, the worried bride and groom can read this article, let us confirm the most important part of the wedding suit before marriage one by one! !


***Choose the wedding & suit***

The slowest: It is recommended to one month ago, because the wedding dresses are all cash, everyone will rent them for marriage or wedding photos, so everyone can try to book as early as possible.

At this time, also provide dimensions: bust, height, weight, shoulder width, waist circumference, shoe size

It is recommended that the bride and groom also provide full-length photos of the two people, so that our colleagues in the bridal clothing store can provide wedding suits, which can be closer to the body of the two people, no matter whether they are tall, short, fat or thin, don’t worry!

***When is the fitting day and time***

Usually we try on a few days before the wedding, the latest is the morning before, so if the wedding dress needs to be modified, we can make urgent changes, or we can go to the site to wear the wedding dress, so we will definitely ask the bride and groom to choose about 2 to 3 Set wedding dresses to try on, of course you can also choose on-site.

***About the style***

The wedding plan is a basic wedding dress, and there is also an upgraded version of the wedding dress, so the bride and groom can choose to try on!



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