【Online Travel】Online Travel to see the world 2021/04/24

After more than a year of not being able to travel freely, I believe everyone will miss the time of flying by plane! Now there is a 『Online Travel』, as the name suggests, cloud online travel, watching online AR and so on to see the world, and even in IG, everyone will post photos taken from previous trips and upload them as a souvenir. Although we can’t go abroad now, we can stay here. See the world at home! !


***Google earth***


It can be said to be the most detailed earth image in the world. It is a virtual globe software developed by Google, which combines satellite photos, aerial photography and GIS (Geographic Information System) to present a 3D model of the earth.

***Google Art and Culture***


Google Art and Culture online viewing collects 2000 museums around the world and launches virtual reality online viewing exhibitions, such as MoMA in New York, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and other prestigious art halls. Through 360-degree panoramic photography, you can see the real scenes of major museums. Use super high-resolution images to shoot famous historical paintings in various museums. Whether it is Monet, Van Gogh, etc., all famous paintings can be browsed for free!

In addition, there are online links to various museums below

.British Museum, London::https://britishmuseum.withgoogle.com/
.Guggenheim Museum, New York:https://reurl.cc/Kkjn3j
.National Gallery of Art in Washington::https://reurl.cc/oLdo5g
.Los Angeles Paul. Getty Museum:https://reurl.cc/3DLleO
.Musée d’Orsay, Paris::https://reurl.cc/ex84dL
.National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul:https://reurl.cc/O1q8jr
.Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam:https://reurl.cc/qd8j0p 
.Rijksmuseum Amsterdam:https://reurl.cc/yZgj68
.Pergamon Museum in Berlin:https://reurl.cc/d05jm6
.Florence Uffizi Gallery:https://reurl.cc/Aq8e0E
.National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City:https://reurl.cc/Kkjn4j
.São Paulo Art Museum, Brazil:https://reurl.cc/L3dz47 


***Online concert***

Berlin Philharmonic:https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/home

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

New York Metropolitan Opera:https://www.metopera.org/
OperaVision, the digital platform of the “European Opera Union”, one of the world’s three major opera art alliances



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