Enjoy! Stay home! 2021/04/10

In the transition of spring and summer, the number of infected people in Japan suddenly increased at this time. Maybe it is better to wait for this period of time to pass. It is better for everyone to stay at home during this period. So what can you do if you stay at home? Here are some recommended activities for everyone! !


When staying at home, you must watch your mobile phone, TV or computer for a long time. At this time, in addition to resting your eyes, it is also recommended that you read more books to reduce the time spent on mobile phones and computers, and at the same time increase your knowledge!


【Yoga and meditation】

During the epidemic, working from home not only reduced the commuting time, but also added a lot of time, and during this time there were many more invitations and activities for yoga and meditation! So this is also an opportunity for everyone to spend an hour doing yoga to soothe the body, or get up in the morning for 15-30 minutes to meditate to settle the mind!


【Beauty care】

Because the time at home has increased, the time for self-care during this time has also increased. Therefore, there are many home maintenance equipment that can be used well. Of course, applying a facial mask is also a great beauty care!


【Indoor activities】

In addition to indoor sports like yoga and Pilates, the most powerful is the aerobics on the Internet. Whether it is Zumba or dancing, they are all indoor activities that can be sweaty!


【Cooking at home】

We spend a lot of time at home, and I believe there must be a lot of food delivery, but the garbage caused by delivery, it is better to cook at home, not only save money, but also eat healthy food!


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