Gender reveal party!No firework! 2021/03/29

The brides and grooms who got married in the past two years have all had good news in the near future. Of course, please don’t be stressed! ! This is very important! Is it just because of the epidemic that the chances of getting pregnant seem to have improved? ! Therefore, Europe and the United States have held parties to guess the baby’s gender! The first thing to do is to have the correct thoughts!

1. Regardless of men and women, treat them equally!

2. You must ask the doctor first, and the doctor agrees to proceed.

3. Ask a trusted person to prepare for about 20 weeks of pregnancy!

4. If you don’t want the bride and groom to know, first communicate with the doctor, then bring your girlfriends or relatives and friends, and the doctor will forward the answer, and ask the other party for help!


When the balloon is pierced, it seems that it will run out to represent that gender! The color does not have to be blue or pink!




After cutting the cake, the inner layer of the cake will show whether the color represents boys or girls

Gift box

You can put the colors representing boys and girls in a box or bag, and guests can open it together after positioning!

No matter what the child looks like at birth, remember that their gender may evolve or change! Please look at this sex guessing activity with a relaxed and happy mood!


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