Recommended for Japanese wedding reception! 2021/03/22

Everyone knows that there are also entertainment programs at Japanese weddings, which are usually called “following”, and of course there will be singing and dancing performances! This article will tell you what different games are recommended for new couples who want to hold a Japanese wedding!

***Phone call game***

At the reception desk before entering the seat, put your phone number in the ballot box, and call one or two people who win the phone number during game time. As long as there is someone who answers the phone, you win! Give the winner a gift.

All you need is paper, pens and gifts. This game is for both guests and two people to enjoy. No one knows whose phone will ring ♪


***Challenge to drink cola***

The same is true for the guests. Among the challengers who are drawn, who can drink the most Coke within the time limit.

Gifts will be prepared for the challenger and the person who finishes the drink soonest. You can use slender straws instead of ordinary straws to make the game more difficult!




At the dessert time after the banquet, when all the hosts have cakes, they announce: There is a surprise gift!

Please lift the dinner plate once and see if there is a sticker on the back under the dinner plate. Those with stickers can get special gifts♡

***A surprise for the undecided number of people who arrived at the venue***

The reception must know and calculate the order of arrival of each guest (according to the roster)

For example, if the wedding date is August 15th, it may be an unexpected surprise to choose based on the wedding date or anniversary (such as gifts for the 8th and 15th people).


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