Are you ready? The last night before the wedding day!! (with check list) 2021/03/18

Believe that must be a lot of cumbersome little things to prepare for the wedding, especially the day before the wedding! !

Please use the following checklist to confirm to avoid forgetting to bring the prepared items or causing any doubts and worries on the wedding day. Please make good use of the following list! !

First of all, we must first confirm the part of the item

〖Final list of wedding supplies to bring〗
□Wedding Ring
□If you have your own clothing accessories
□Clothes, accessories and shoes for two people (here we are, we will prepare it for you)
□Gifts (gifts for parents, gifts, etc.)
□Welcome board
□Quiet Pillow
□ Items to be decorated at the reception (we can bring them to us the day before at the latest)
□Bride’s letter (The bride will read a letter to her parents at a Japanese wedding!)
□Welcome speech and acknowledgment paper
□The second meeting is also the second party decoration
□Clothes for the second meeting
□Paper items (seat label, seat sequence table, personal information booklet) can be provided in advance

Next are the things that the bride and groom need to put in their bags

〖Handbag/Shoulder Bag〗
□Mobile phone (remember to charge)
□Camera (remember to charge)
□Contact lenses (It is recommended to prepare two pairs and one spare pair)
□Conventional medicine (headache medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, eye drops, etc.)
〖Another packet〗
□White handkerchief
□Paper towel or jersey
□Hygienic Products

About preparation for reception

〖Gift to reception staff〗
□List of guests
□Name book, pen (two copies)
〖Things for parents〗
□Guest List
□ Need to give thanks and fare list
□Red envelope bag
□Gift bag

The day before the wedding, a beautiful bride, do not forget to have a regular life the day before, so as not to get tired or have bad skin on the day of the wedding.

〖The final list to be a beautiful bride〗

□Is the nail peeled off?
□Is there any abandonment? (Eyebrows, armpits, mouth, fingers, arms)
□Is your skin rough?
□Is there any swelling or swelling?
□ Is there a bear under your eyes?
□Are you full?
□Is your hair dry?
□Do you have constipation?
□ Is it possible to ensure enough sleep time tomorrow?


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