Maternity Photo- To keep the most beautiful memories for your pregnancy! 2021/03/08

One of the hottest things for many pregnant mothers recently is the appearance of Maternity in the Japanese “マタニティフォト.”  This article will introduce when to shoot and what are the key points! !


***Photo shoot timing ***

After entering the stable period for about 5 months, the abdomen may not be visible. At this time, it may be difficult to understand that it is a pregnancy photo. On the other hand, when this period begins, the body will also experience many conditions, such as anxiety, etc. .

Therefore, it is best to be pregnant for about 8 months, because the abdomen is large, it can be seen. The most important thing is that both mother and baby are healthy at this time. Of course, we still have to consider the physical condition and make a reasonable shooting schedule.


***Photography environment***

The natural-flavored scenery creates a gentle and warm atmosphere in the light-filled background, and you can even find outdoor grass and other places to take pictures!

If it is the shed, the basic white color can be used to reflect the happiness of the family and the new future.


You can prepare ultrasound photos, brushes that can be used on the human body, children’s toy clothes, etc.



Parents can wear casual clothes to show their mothers, or take pictures like a wedding dress. You can take photos according to their favorite photos!

Why not take a picture of the happiest pregnant mother and the moment when the baby shines in her belly?


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