March 8 International Women's Day 2021/03/06

March is still a cold day, but now you can feel the arrival of spring. You can feel the joy of spring even more when you spend the week of the vernal equinox. Except for the Girl’s Day which starts in March, March 8th is also International Women’s Day!

In 1904, a demonstration demanding women’s participation in politics was launched in New York. The United Nations designated it as “International Women’s Day” on March 8, 1975.

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate all outstanding women.

For example, the “Mimosa Day” in Italy is famous and is called “FESTA DELLA DONNA (Women’s Day)”. Mimosa is also a symbol of happiness.

Also in Japan, “International Women’s Day|Happy Women’s Day” is held across the country and is “a day to think about women’s lifestyles.” In order to enable both men and women to consider and take action, we are expanding the target nationwide to hold it in 47 prefectures by 2025, so that International Women’s Day will also become a social movement in Japan.

Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, everyone has the opportunity to reconsider our lifestyle, such as the spread of remote work and the reform of working methods, and many people, not only women in their 20s, are also aware of this exist. In the Sustainable Development Goals, I begin to feel that I have a better understanding of “sustainable development”. Many women are in a leading position in changing social behaviors, such as women’s economic growth, reduction of food loss, ethical ways, and efforts to achieve gender equality.

From a women’s perspective, even in the face of headwinds, entrepreneurship and innovation have brought light to economic growth and the creation of a better society and environment.

It is less than 10 years before reaching the SDGs. It is hoped that this year’s “Happy Women’s Day” will further expand the scope of women’s promotion of sustainable development goals. The government will work with everyone to promote the sustainable development goals.

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