Wedding styles after Covid-19!! 2021/03/01

Due to the spread of the new crown virus, the world is undergoing major changes. In the epidemic, our daily lives, work and lifestyle are also changing. The same is true for marriage. People of all ages attend the gathering wedding, even if there will be some major changes after the epidemic.

Let us take a look at the new wedding forms that may appear with changes.


***Small wedding***

By inviting relatives (mainly family members and relatives), you can refine and reduce the risk of infection. For those who do not want to postpone the wedding or are not good at weddings, this style is recommended, and the wedding can be prepared in about a month。

***Garden Wedding***

Due to the epidemic, open-space garden weddings are becoming more and more popular. In an open space, the wedding will be full of smiles and open minds.

***Resort wedding***

It is difficult to travel abroad now, but for those who are initially eager for a wedding holiday, consider a domestic resort. A resort wedding full of openness will realize a vast natural environment that cannot be achieved in the city center.

***Photo Wedding ***

In addition, there are also ways to commemorate the wedding. Although it is impossible to hold a wedding in a place where many people gather as before, it is possible to take wedding and wedding photos in this venue. Couples who think like this are also increasing.




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