W Osaka has a grand opening in March in Osaka! 2021/02/20

W Osaka designed by Tadao Ando in Shinsaibashi, Osaka in March will open on March 16th! On the main road of Midosuji, there are 337 rooms!

For hotels that emphasize luxury and lifestyle hotels, let’s take a look at the highlights!

***Pets are welcome***

According to the P.A.W. (Pets Are Welcome) pet friendly welcome program launched by W around the world, pets are allowed in certain rooms. At present, pets are limited to dogs weighing less than 18 kg.


***Neon lights create the fun of Osaka merchants***

Use neon lights to design an Osaka-style tourist heart, let people feel the colorful lights of Osaka Dotonbori, and the atmosphere is different during the day and night!

In terms of design, the standard room has two different themed colors, one is a pink room, which is inspired by the cherry blossoms symbolizing Japan; the other is a blue room, which is inspired by the ocean all over the port of Osaka, and each is reflected For bright colors. The bed space and bathroom can be separated by sliding doors, using Japanese design and convenience.


***The first room with DJ equipment***Japan’s first guest room with DJ equipment “Extreme WOW Penthouse Suite” This Penthouse Suite is located on the top floor (27th floor), with an area of ​​200 square meters, where you can enjoy music and lights and overlook Osaka!

There are five types of rooms in total, each of which can overlook the cityscape of Midosuji and Osaka from a different angle.

W Osaka

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