Knowledge to know before zero food waste! 2021/02/18

Do you know how much food is lost per capita each year in Japan?

It is about 50 kilograms.

In Japan, many parts of food are discarded as food loss. The overall food loss is 6.4 million tons, which is equivalent to throwing away a bowl of rice for everyone every day! Compare many places and people in the world that don’t have enough food.

Let’s take a look at advanced countries and developing countries

《Advanced countries》

Considered on a global scale, most “food losses” are from developed countries.

This figure is 1.3 billion tons. This number is amazing!

(1) Compared with developing countries, developed countries have caused a large amount of food losses (especially in North America and Europe).

(2) Except after cooking into food, a lot of “losses” will inevitably occur before cooking into food


《Developing countries》

“Food loss” in developing countries. However, it usually occurs in the production stage as follows:

(1) Due to lack of infrastructure, distribution cannot be carried out, resulting in food loss.

(2) Due to labor shortage, waste will be generated in the production stage.

Therefore, it is not only the advanced countries that will waste food, but also the developing countries will waste food!

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