The most common problems before the wedding in 2021! One time solution! 2021/02/08

In the context of turmoil throughout the year last year, I believe that many plans for brides and grooms have been disrupted, and even the weddings have been cancelled. Then this article sorts out five common troubles and gives you some suggestions. There is definitely not a problem. Only oneself! Some people even think that it would be great if this can be solved. Let’s see what problems others are worried about!

***Which wedding style?***

There are many choices for wedding styles, such as religious weddings, hotel weddings, public weddings, overseas weddings and family vacation weddings, etc. Some people even do not consider holding a wedding.

In addition, if you are holding a wedding banquet, you must also consider whether the meal is delicious or not, which makes it a headache to think about it.

Therefore, at this time, the first thing to discuss with each other is not the location, but “Which guests do you want to invite”

If you don’t want to invite guests, you may not hold the wedding. If you want to invite guests, then first know the number of people you want to invite, based on the relationship between these people and the new couple, and then consider the venue is also a starting point!


***The number of guests of the bride and groom differs greatly, what should I do?***

Don’t worry about it at all!

Many people are very concerned about the difference in the number of people, especially parents, but first of all, it is difficult to achieve the same ratio. Even if the difference is large, guests can also gather according to the wedding banquet. Or you can do not list the relationship on the seating chart. If the relationship is not described in the seating chart, the difference in the number of people will not be obvious.

***The bridegroom wants to do it, the bride doesn’t (or opposite)***

This situation is also super common. The first thing to do at this time is to “listen carefully why he or she doesn’t want to do this. “

It seems embarrassing, there are not many friends, and I don’t want to waste money…

If you feel embarrassed to do this, then you can hold a wedding that is not embarrassing. If you don’t have many friends, you can find a few important friends. The most important thing is money. If you feel that there is no future for this or this If you think it’s okay in retrospect, you really don’t need it.

Through the “listening” approach, let us solve the unwanted causes.

***How to prepare for the wedding under the epidemic***

This issue is the most concerned issue for brides and grooms in the past. After all, the wedding is a gathering of people. I hope everyone can attend the wedding with peace of mind and joy. The brides and grooms are under pressure. The first thing to do is to confirm. The “epidemic prevention action” of the venue, after choosing the venue, you must first know how the venue does epidemic prevention work.

Then there is the cancellation policy. There is no situation in the sky. If something really happens and needs to be cancelled temporarily, then how to calculate the cancellation fee must be understood in advance!

There is also a way that many brides and grooms only take wedding photos, or hold family-only wedding ceremonies, do not entertain guests, etc., which happened in many brides and grooms last year. Of course, it must be evaluated based on your actual situation!


***How to find your destined wedding venue***

The wedding venue can be said to be the most interesting place in the wedding. What kind of venue is suitable depends on who your guests are and what kind of party you want to hold.

There are many wedding websites on the Internet for reference, but now if you can’t visit it in person, you can only read it on the Internet. There is also the evaluation of the newcomers on the Internet before. So the important thing is the budget. After the content, it is necessary to make a good budget. Finding a venue through the budget is also a way!


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