The earliest of the cherry blossom season-Tokyo Kawazu Sakura 2021/02/06

The most anticipated cherry blossom season in the first half of the year is coming again. Due to the weather in 2021, it is predicted that this year will bloom earlier this year than before. Please see the picture below.

However, Japan’s first blooming Kawazu Sakura is now beginning to bloom. The whole cherry blossoms are dyed pink. In this article, we will introduce the viewing spots of Kawazu Sakura in Tokyo. You can enjoy it from February to early or mid-March.

【Enjoy the Tokyo sky tree and cherry blossoms at the kyunakakawa riverside 】

In this place, you can also see Kawazu Sakura with the Tokyo Sky Tree as the background. There are not many cherry blossoms, but you can enjoy the cherry blossoms while walking along the river. The train crosses the iron bridge over the river, so it is a recommended place for train lovers.

Take the JR Sobu Line to Hirai Station or Kameido Suijin Station on the Tobu Kameido Line, and walk for about 10 to 15 minutes.

【Shinjuku Gyoen】

Shinjuku Gyoen is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, but there are also Kawazu Sakura that bloom from February to March. The cherry blossoms are in front of the restaurant “ゆりのき” in Shinjuku Gyoen. Not only that, but other varieties will also be seen in the Yuyuan!

【Nearest to Tokyo Station-Kiba Park】

If you are looking for a cherry blossom viewing spot near Tokyo Station, the Oyoko River in Kiba Park is none other than Kiba Park. The cherry blossoms are in the coastal area, and the tranquil riverside is full of cherry blossoms, which makes you feel comfortable.

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