The Buddhist wedding ceremony of Japanese style -Kyoto 2021/01/25

We know that traditional Japanese weddings give people the impression that they are in shrines, but you know that temples also hold weddings. Shrine weddings are called the pre-sacred style, and the temples are called “The Buddhist wedding ceremony.”

According to the explanation in the “Buddha Trip Collection” of Chion-in Temple, with the “Xinghua” ceremony as the center, in front of the Amitabha Tathagata Buddha of the Pure Land Sect, pray for a bright and harmonious life for the two.
Through the blessings of the Buddha and the ancestors of the two families, it is a new beginning for the establishment of a new family, and it is a very meaningful ceremony.


Chion-in Temple is a large and well-known temple in Higashiyama District, especially the huge front can be said to be a landmark, and it can be said to be one of the largest temples in Japan. There is the biggest bell in a Japanese temple, so many people will come here to listen to the 108 bells ringing on the 12/31 of New Year’s Eve! No matter what kind of faith you are here, you are welcome to come here for weddings. It is one of the famous temples in Kyoto, Japan!


Ceremony Style Buddhist ceremony 48 person(Each family 24 person)
Ceremonial Fee JPY 250,000

***TAIZO-IN ***

Kyoto has always been the center of Japanese Zen culture. The garden here combines Zen and national treasure-level ink paintings. In different seasons, you can see different natural landscapes such as cherry blossoms and red leaves. It can be said to be the most desirable place in the Taizo-in Temple. Getting married here not only has a natural style, all family and friends can gather to celebrate. The wedding ceremony also conveys gratitude that the two were tied up by a red thread before they were born (indicating that there is a connection in the previous life)

Ceremony Style Buddhist ceremony 40 person(Each family 20 person)
Ceremonial Fee JPY 200,000

“The Buddhist wedding ceremony” is to swear in front of the Buddha, not “God ” is to swear in front of the Buddha.
Although somewhat similar to Japanese shrines, it is also a wedding style that has existed in Japan since ancient times.

The holding of Buddhist ceremonies and the Buddhist doctrine of “giving thanks to the Buddha and his ancestors, and swearing to be connected with the afterlife.” It is very romantic to swear before the afterlife.

Some temples hope that the bride and groom are believers of the sect, but nowadays many temples are open for holding.

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