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The so-called sitting is not as good as starting. Wedding is an important event in life, and it is not expensive. Starting from the wedding date, it is possible to spend money (please ask the fortune-telling teacher!), choose venues, wedding dresses, wedding cakes, wedding accessories Wait, let’s introduce today, what can we give when we choose gifts?

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***Eco-food bag***

It is a food bag to use the kind of PEVA environmentally friendly plastic material. This material can be used for biodegradation. If it is not needed, whether it is discarded or burned, it is absolutely environmentally friendly and will not cause any harm to the environment! !
Some companies sew cotton cloth and other materials on the outside to print patterns that the bride and groom like, so that the bride and groom can give them to guests not only as a memorial but also very practical.


Gifting chopsticks is also a good choice. You can print the abbreviation and date on the chopsticks. The guests will also have a commemorative meaning after bringing them home. But when looking for chopsticks, pay attention to the material of the chopsticks, such as this Japanese brand of chopsticks. It advertises the use of natural wood and natural lacquer, so you can feel at ease when you eat it.

***Hand soap***

You can find handmade soap. For example, this kind of packaging also pays attention to environmental protection. Combine recycled paper with plant seeds. After unpacking, the packaging paper can be planted in the soil, the paper decomposes, the seeds germinate, and the packaging paper returns to the ground. When guests take them home, the bride and groom will feel at ease that they will not cause garbage pollution.

***Plant seed***

You can make a happy farm at home by yourself to make plants closer to people’s lives, and the product is completely plastic-free from the inside to the outside, the contents and packaging.
Even if it is accidentally dropped on the ground, it can decompose naturally without causing pollution.

***Give the guests the flowers on the table as gifts***

Finally, you can put the flowers that decorate the wedding scene into small bouquets and give them to the guests. You can also put them home for a few days to fill the guests’ homes with the fragrance of flowers! It’s not only limited to flowers, you can also bring decorations and let your favorite guests take home, which is also a great choice!



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