Important life milestones in Japan-adult style at 20 years old! 2021/01/11

In Japan, an adult is 20 years old, and on this day, local government agencies or organizations will hold adult ceremonies for boys and girls aged 20. Japanese local governments use the second Monday of January as adults. day. Boys usually wear formal Japanese-style male tattoos to their adult ceremony, while girls choose to wear traditional and gorgeous vibrating sleeves. For unmarried girls, vibrating sleeves are the most formal attire they can wear, so most girls wear it at ceremonies that mark the beginning of their adult life.

Adult-the second Monday of January

According to Japanese law, a person who is 20 years of age or older is defined as an “adult”!



Almost all boys wear hakama, most of them choose brighter colors for the outer coat. However, in recent years, some boys have not worn Japanese-style kimonos, but instead put on suits to commemorate the adult’s day!



There are so many colors that girls can wear! ! When it comes to adult style, every girl is very beautiful. Don’t underestimate these kimonos. The prices are expensive. After this day, there are few opportunities to wear them, so almost everyone rents them. Lord, so during this period, kimono centers across the country are very busy.

Put on the gorgeous kimono “furisote”

The difference in unmarried women’s kimono is the sleeves. The sleeves of the vibrating sleeves are very long, and the sleeves are divided into three types.

114cm    Big(Ofurisode)、

100~95cm   middle(yuufurisode)

85cm   Small(Ko furi sode)

Black can be said to be one of the highest grades of colors in Japan. Although many people choose common colors, if it looks like this black, it can be more adult-like!

The red color is arguably the most common

Long sleeves also have another meaning, which means waving bad luck and inviting happiness!



Another opportunity to wear vibrating sleeves is to attend the wedding of relatives and friends. If you see a woman wearing vibrating sleeves, you can also know that the other party is a girl who has not yet married!


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