On the wedding day, let Father show the cool and handsome ! 2020/12/28

Following the previous article about when mom didn’t want to wear black sleeves, persuading dad to wear a formal suit may also be a problem for some newcomers, but before dad puts on formal attire, you also have to know why dad wears such a formal suit. Where’s the suit?

  1. For weddings, it is an important event for the two families. Therefore, in a Japanese wedding, wearing the most formal suit expresses a grand feeling
  2. For a traditional Japanese wedding, Dad also wears a Western-style formal attire
  3. Next comes the handsome side of the fathers on the wedding day!

I believe that with these three reasons, dads will be very willing to wear this kind of inconvenient formal suit! ?


モーニング MORNING 正禮裝

The tie and vest are unified into black and white. This is the most basic dress with a backward curved hem design. This is the daytime dress. The pants can be worn with black and gray stripes, with a black vest. Of course there are also summer and winter suits!

Usually the vest is set to light gray or more white parts are added to the tie, and the overall color looks softer. To

In addition to the bow tie, the shoes use formal black straight heads and white gloves.

In a Japanese wedding, both parents will usually wear the same clothes. Not only will they look neat when taking family photos, but it will also be easy to see that they are the parents of the new couple when they receive or address guests at the wedding banquet!


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