If mother said she didn’t want to wear a kimono in your Japanese wedding? 2020/12/21

This question is probably a common problem in many international marriages, especially when marrying a Japanese husband or a Japanese wife. Usually the in-laws must be in formal attire to attend the wedding, but they often encounter them. Mothers say they don’t want to wear black sleeves, or say The kimono is too tight to be convenient and uncomfortable. !

This article will introduce how to communicate with your parents. First, start with customs, and then please read on.


Basically, the fathers of both sides wear formal tuxedo styles, and the mothers are the first dresses-black with sleeves. Usually fathers are more accepting. In fact, mothers are really not used to it, so they have opinions.

The following methods are provided for your reference!

***First meeting***

It is recommended that the first thing that everyone should do is to communicate with both parents first. This is best done at the time of marriage or when both parents meet for the first time. If the Japanese parents can understand it afterwards, it is better. Each will discuss the clothes to wear, and it is also an example!

***Kimono experience***

This is a guide for moms who like to take pictures!

Take the mother to wear a kimono experience of visiting clothes first. Please pay attention to this experience. Don’t let your mother walk too much (you can find a scenic spot), but let the mother keep taking pictures after wearing it. Praise your mother and believe that after giving them confidence, they won’t have much resistance to wearing kimono. It is recommended here to try not to wear too much to eat. It is recommended that you wear a kimono for one or two hours during the ceremony. It is also possible to change the dress during the meal!


***Remorse within a month before the wedding***

This is also a very common thing. If this is the case, first mention this to the other parent, and then say that the mother should wear a formal dress (cheongsam, formal dress, etc.). In Japanese culture, it may be different if you tell in advance. The place will be better, and it can also make the other party psychologically prepared. This is definitely not to say that you must wear black and leave your sleeves. It is just that there may be differences in the things you have said before, so you should mention it first. There are usually parents of both parents who are very enlightened and don’t care. Here are some suggestions for the bride and groom!

Of course, the most important thing is to calmly discuss the accident. After all, there are many things to prepare before marriage. The bride and groom may be separated from each other. If there is a wedding consultant to help with some things, it can also relieve some emotions.


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