Must visit!! The libraries in Tokyo & Osaka! 2020/12/12

Libraries not only collect books, but also store various cultural records. There are even theme libraries that collect different precious materials. In the current digital age, fewer people go to libraries, but libraries in many places are not only attractive for books The buildings are also amazing. Many stylishly designed libraries can be seen all over Japan. This article is about to introduce the distinctive libraries in Tokyo and Osaka. These two cities are also the places where most people visit or live. , Please make a visit!


***Hibiya Library ***

The building exterior of Hibiya Park in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo has an impressive triangular appearance. There are many reading seats on the floor of the library. You can read while looking at the park in the reading space by the window. In addition, there is also a coffee shop, where you can enjoy a drink or meal while reading a book. Of course, there is also free Wi-Fi.


***Musashino Place ***

Musashino Plaza is a multifunctional facility with four functions, centered on the library, and supports lifelong learning, youth activities and public activities. The point is that the exterior of this building is very cute! The large windows are evenly arranged in the stylish white building, which looks like a secret base in a cartoon.

The interior is decorated with open space and warmth, so you can relax and enjoy reading! There are a total of 4 floors from the second basement floor to the second ground floor. There are also cafes, table tennis tables, and other open spaces where you can do some relaxing exercises and spend the whole day here.

***The International Library of Children’s Literature***

This library is located in Ueno Enshi Park, Taito District, Tokyo, Japan. It houses many collections of Japanese children’s books and story books, and is most suitable for families with young children. The total collection is about 400,000 books and story books suitable for children in Japan and abroad. In addition, this is one of the libraries designed by Tadao Ando. The reconstruction was completed in 2002. It is worth a visit to see Tadao Ando’s ingenuity in combining ancient buildings.




***Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library***

OsakaPrefectural Nakanoshima Library is a historical library founded in 1904 and designated as an important cultural property by the Japanese government. It has about 600,000 books and specializes in classical books and cultural, economic and business related to Osaka.

There is also a coffee shop on the second floor of the library, where you can enjoy reading and drinking coffee in this historic space.


***Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest***

In July 2020, the newly opened child-themed library, plus the design by Tadao Ando, is full of appointments every month as soon as the library opens. Many parents bring their children to visit here. It is advertised that this library can be touched, judged, expressive and sensual, and hope to nurture more creativity. You can also take the book to the turf to read here. I believe you can have a pleasant reading time here on sunny days.


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