Choose "Lightweight wedding dress" for location wedding photos! 2020/12/07

Have you ever wondered what will happen to overseas weddings and wedding photos after the epidemic?

First of all, the most basic is the means of transportation-airplanes. The price of “tickets” may be higher than before, so transportation costs must be increased. For the accommodation part, as of the end of December 2020, basically countries will still adopt a 14-day quarantine policy. It is recommended to plan for quarantine accommodation expenses first. Of course, it also includes the number of days spent abroad and travel expenses. The cost will be higher than in the past, and the bride and groom must prepare in advance!

Therefore, it is not impossible to change from an overseas wedding into a wedding photo, but if you don’t want to carry a heavy wedding dress, then please be sure to try the “light wedding dress style”. Today, we will introduce two categories to the brides!

*** Empire or Mermaid***

For this style, remember to look for a style that does not have a long tail. This can make people look a little thin and have an elegant effect. The overall wedding dress is not heavy. It is a very convenient wedding dress when shooting weddings outdoors. The only disadvantage is that Maybe the front hem is longer and needs to be carried when you are walking.



The Mi-mollet wedding dress Mollet, which is also very popular in Japan, means the center of the calf in French, and the Mi-mollet dress is the length of the middle of the calf.

However, the length is easy to be confused. Midi length is the length of the skirt that hides the knees, and max length is the length of the skirt that extends to the ankle.

At first glance, it seems very close, but the impression is quite different!

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