"Tokyo" museum that can be visited by adults and children! 2020/12/05

In the middle of this year, the Japan Policy and Investment Bank and the Japan Transportation Corporation conducted an online survey with residents of 8 Asian countries and regions, Europe, the United States, and Australia. Which country do you want to travel most after the epidemic-the result is “Japan” ! ! Second and third are Singapore and New Zealand.

The reasons for wanting to come to Japan are as follows

  1. There are sightseeing spots and tourist facilities that you want to visit, accounting for 47%

  2. Delicious food 43%

  3. Have traveled to Japan before and want to come again 37%

  4. Neat and clean 36%


However, among the options for travel in Japan, “Tokyo” voted as the first city!

This article will introduce Tokyo’s recommended museums for adults and children!

***National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo***

It is the number one science museum in Japan, and its nickname is “カハク Kahaku”. The exhibits inside can stimulate the pursuit of children. There are also many fossil dinosaurs, animal specimens and meteorites. The content of the exhibition involves nature and chemistry, and the content is substantial. There are also shops and restaurants inside, so you can stay with children when you come. All day long.

National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo

Open time 
 9:00 ~17:00
 Friday 20:00

Close day
 Every Monday

   (If Monday is a national holiday, the Museum is open Monday and closed the following Tuesday.)


一般・大學生 620円
高中生以下 Free




***Japan Miraikan***

You can experience the latest robot technology!

In the lobby of the museum there is a huge earth-like video monitor. There are also many exhibits that attract children, such as the humanoid robot “ASIMO”, the latest robot and an exhibition that reproduces the residential building of the International Space Station.

Open time


Every Tuesday

(open if Tuesday is a national holiday), Near Year holidays (December 28 – January 1)


大人 620元
18歲以下 210元


***The Space Museum TeNQ***

The Space Museum TeNQ is a space-themed museum.

There are many exhibitions that allow you to appreciate the universe visually, such as a projection map with a total width of about 20m and a total height of 4.5m, and a theater with a diameter of 11m. You can truly experience the space through 4K images.

The Space Museum TeNQ

Open time
     Weekday 11:00~21:00
  Weekend 10:00~21:00


December 3rd(Thursday)-4th(Friday)

Our opening hours will be changed as follows.


大人 1,800元
学生 1,500元
中学生以下 1,200元


***The Tokyo National Museum ***

The oldest museum in Japan, as long as you talk about Japanese museums, you must not miss the National Museum in Tokyo. There are five museums exhibiting different art and cultural properties, from Japanese pottery to Chinese bronzes and Egyptian mummies. Cultural relics Contains countries in the world.

Open time

 Mondays (if Monday is a holiday, the Museum will be open on that Monday and closed the following day)


一般 620元
大学生 410元


***Edo Tokyo museum***

Tokyo is the most important base of Edo culture, so here is an introduction to life and culture in the Edo period. There is also a full-size wooden Japanese bridge and many large and small models. Entering here is like crossing Time and space return to Japan’s Edo era!


Open time 
 9:30~17:30 (Sat. 9:30~19:30)

 Mondays (if Monday is a holiday, the Museum will be open on that Monday and closed the following day)


Adult 600元
university student 480元
Junior high school 300元


***Cup Noodle musume*** (Yokohama)

“Cup Noodle Museum” is a museum that introduces the achievements of Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Foods. Momofuku Ando developed instant cup noodles such as ramen and cup noodles. You can also make your own special cup noodles here. There is also a cup noodle museum in Kansai Osaka!

open time 
 10:00 〜 18:00


 Adult  (university student above):500元

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