SDGs start with ourselves - Item 16 Peace justice and strong institutions 2020/12/03

In the past few years, conflicts have continued in the world, institutional capacity is insufficient, and people have limited access to justice. These problems are also one of the problems of sustainable social development. Maybe it’s too heavy when it comes to the justice system. Did you know that somewhere in the world, a child dies of violence every 5 minutes! We say that children are the masters of the future, but you know that in addition to the persecution of women, children are also an ethnic group that is severely persecuted. Of course, there are many problems that stand in the way of building a peaceful society. What do we as ordinary people do?

This article will focus on "Children"

***Child Abuse Telephone Report***

Many countries have such telephone notifications. As long as you find that child abuse occurs, you can call this phone to report. People from the unit will send personnel to inquire. Of course, many countries are also facing another problem today. The root cause of the lack of manpower in the organization is still to be promoted from our family education. Remember, if you see a child abuse case, please bravely report to reduce the incident!

USA (1-800) 422-4453

Japan 189


***Children’s schooling problems***

In many advanced countries, it is natural for children to go to school as compulsory education. Except for homeschooling children, in fact there are still problems in society that children cannot go to school or even child labor. All of this is something we need to face squarely. The first thing we can do is donate money or adopt children from social welfare and children-related organizations. These organizations will help families with financial difficulties and support children’s schooling. This is one of the easiest ways.


Of course, there are many ways to do our part. More importantly, paying attention to related issues such as the world and the country is also the easiest first step for us to move towards peace.


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