Japanese also like to visit the "Kansai Hot Spring Street" recommendation! 2020/11/28

Almost all the places in Japan have hot spring scenic spots. It’s not too much to say that Japanese love hot springs most!! But what hot springs are there near Kansai? I think the first thing you think of is “horse hot spring”! But this article will introduce the hot spring street in the suburb of Kansai, which even Japanese like to go. It is mainly based on the hot spring street walk, and the local shops and restaurants are recommended!

***No.1 Kinosaki Maruyamakawa ***

Deep in the city of Nagasaki, which is embraced by the nature of Dan Ma, the hot spring street here is unexpectedly prosperous, and there are various shops that are its charm. It’s not just the hot springs in the tourist area, but also many foreign soups (hotels without accommodation). In addition, lanterns will be put on the river in summer to form a beautiful scenery.

***No.2 Kinosaki***

Walking along the riverside of Wenquan street, waitang is also very rich. In addition, it is also known as the street of literature. Chengqi hot spring is one of the few scenic spots with numerous tourist attractions. In order to achieve differentiation, each tourist creates a different atmosphere.

***No.3 Arima onsen***

Japan is known as one of the three ancient hot springs. It is definitely the best place to take a hot spring in Kansai. Even if you arrange a trip back and forth in the same day, it is also very recommended, not to mention the bustling shop streets and traditional Japanese hotels here.

***No.4 Yumura Onsen***

The source temperature of the source is 98 ℃, so the river becomes another kind of hot spring, which can be said to be rich in hot spring water.

***No.5 Yunomine Onsen***

Known as the “awakening soup”, it has Japan’s oldest World Heritage hot spring

***No.6 Takarazuka Onsen***

In opera street · treasure mound gushes out the hot spring with a long history

***No.7 Amanohashidate Onsen***

Beside the “Amanohashidate” in Japan, it is commonly known as beauty soup.

***No.8 Nanki Shirahama hot spring***

One of Japan’s three ancient hot springs is also a seaside resort.

***No.9 Arashiyama Onsen***

The scenic spots of cherry blossom and red leaves, and the hot spring gushing from Lanshan on behalf of Kyoto


***No. 10 katsuuraonsen***

World Heritage and the city of hot spring

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