SDGs start with ourselves - Item 15 life on land 2020/11/26

70% on the earth, 30% on the ocean, 30% on the land, most of the animals and plants in the land, 30% on the land, the disappearance of the species of the capital, the natural destruction of the human race, the disappearance of the forest, the desertification, the ice Stratification, etc., tampering environment, land-based flora and fauna, hazards, comprehensive self! !!

Therefore, we can do it in our daily life. !!

***Donʻt buy the purchase products ***

Purchasing demand demanding unsuccessful murder, mere need for expulsion, animal fur-like thinking, merchant ya unsuccessful instinctual product.

One anti-fur-like international alliance-Fur Free Alliance (FFA), anti-fur-like international alliance, Ya-supported unreasonable fur-like goods, provided by consumers.


***Don’t aband the pets***

One good thing, but one ignorant creature, one ignorant environment, possible creation of the environmental harm, indirect influence. Returned employment and certainty required ligation surgery!


***Don’t eat wild animal***

Many times, wild animals will carry germs. You don’t know if the food is not clean and disinfected in the mountain. It is very likely that the animals are not sure what kind of virus is on them, so if you don’t eat wild animals, it won’t be caused. The harm of our body will not be caught again.

This is an animal species that is estimated to be extinct. For the sake of our next generation, we all come together to protect the earth!


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