Tips for the couple -what do you need to bring on an overseas wedding day? 2020/11/23

What would you like to bring to the bridal room on the wedding day? In addition to the items usually carried, there must be something prepared for the wedding day. However, it is basically difficult to bring a lot of luggage on the wedding day. It is recommended not to bring unnecessary things. The following is a list of things that must be taken.

***The day before the wedding***

In our itinerary, we usually arrange fitting and Pre Wedding meeting on the day before the wedding. First of all, if you need to put decorations in the reception desk, please bring them with you.

The bridegroom and bride who bring their own wedding dress suit or wedding shoes, please bring their clothes and shoes one day in advance. However, for the sake of the dress in the wedding dress (to avoid damaging the wedding dress), we will not press it, but we will hang it in advance, so that the wrinkle of the wedding dress will not be obvious.

It is suggested that you can try on our wedding dress, and you don’t have to bring a heavy suitcase to Japan!!


***Wedding day天***


Basically, we don’t need to carry cosmetics. We have professional beautician and make-up products. But if you are a bride with sensitive skin, please remember to bring your own cosmetics and inform them in advance.

②hand kerchief
The hand kerchief on the same day of the wedding, because may feel nervous easily sweat, it is better to suggest the groom to bring one!

③Hand cream
At weddings, close-up photos of hands are often clapped, especially for those who hold weddings in dry winter. It is recommended to prepare a hand cream of mini size for easy carrying

④light meal

Basically, when preparing for the wedding, the time is very tight. If there is still outdoor shooting after the wedding, it is recommended to bring a little snack or light meal to prevent hunger!

⑤Mobile phone charging cable

If  you have guests, you may want to contact the guests on the same day, the mobile phone should still be fully charged, and the mobile phone can also ask someone to take photos and record it!


If it is a bride renting wedding dress from us, we will prepare underwear for wedding dress. Please don’t worry!

What’s more, you must bring a “ring” on that day!! Please make sure you have the ring with you before you go out.


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