SDGs start with ourselves - Item 14 life below water 2020/11/19

About 70% of the earth is the ocean, which means that many living things live in the sea. Living on the land, we get the help of the ocean, but consume the resources produced in the ocean. So far, our human activities have resulted in the continuous pollution and serious situation of the ocean.

If we continue to let the ocean go on like this, it will be dangerous for us as human beings and will not be able to obtain marine resources sustainably. In view of this situation, the “sustainable development goals” set goals and targets for the protection of the oceans, and many countries and organizations are making efforts to this end.

***Reduce the use of plastic products***

First of all, the simplest way to start is not to use plastic bags. In recent years, many countries have begun to change the bags used in shopping into paper products or charge fees, reduce the use of plastic bags, and start to promote the use of environmental protection bags. Although major shopping malls and stores use paper bags instead of plastic bags, paper bags are also a consumable. The best suggestion is to buy with environmental protection bags!


***vintage clothing ***

Clothes are also one of the petrochemicals. Nowadays, many fashion brands such as H & M and UNIQLO will recycle used clothes, and even use recycled resources to make clothes. Of course, we can also consider second-hand shops when buying clothes. Maybe we can find unexpected treasures!

In addition, for clothes, please use laundry bags when washing clothes again, so as to reduce the amount of micro plastic materials on clothes flowing into rivers and oceans.


***beach cleanup***

Taking part in the clean beach is also a good activity. In fact, you can find a lot of garbage when you go to the beach. These are not only tourists who forget to take away, but also the garbage on the beach. When you come to the beach, you can also pick up garbage. Everyone is responsible for environmental protection!


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