Parents' seats in Japanese wedding banquet! 2020/11/16

This article is about the seat arrangement of parents in Japanese wedding banquet. Many people will think that the seat of parents should be close to the bride and groom? In Japanese culture, there are respect for the elderly, respect for the virtuous, and the order of the elders and children. Why are the seats of parents at the wedding banquet different from that of most countries?

In a Japanese wedding, parents and relatives are at the back of the table!


***Guest is important***

For Japanese, guests are important, so they respect them very much. The nearest seat to the bridegroom and bride is the upper seat, and the closer to the entrance is the last seat (lower seat). The upper seat is usually the guest of honor or the boss of the workplace, while the next seat is usually for relatives.

***Both parents do not sit at the same table***

If the number of guests is small, it is no problem to arrange two relatives to sit at the same table because of the need. Mixed seats are set according to the situation. Even those who do not know should have a good time together.


***Internation wedding***

For the bridegroom and bride of an international wedding, first of all, you can see which country is held. If it is in Japan, you can follow this arrangement. The so-called “do as the Romans do when entering the country”. But in fact, it is not necessary to shoot in this way. When the bridegroom and the bride communicate with their parents, seat arrangement and so on can be included in the communication items!

In fact, the arrangement of parents near the exit is also for the final program – thank you parents,

When arranging seats, try to put people of the same age group together as much as possible, and put people who are interested in and have a good conversation nearby!

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