The season of chasing "Maple" - Japanese Garden in Tokyo 2020/11/14

In autumn, with the temperature decreasing, the leaves turn from green to yellow and then red! Although you can’t go to Japan because of the epidemic this year, you can still look at the photos on the Internet and travel to Japan with your eyes. This record is a famous maple leaf viewing spot in “Tokyo city”, mainly Japanese Garden (a good place to take photos in kimono) In addition, these are all located in convenient transportation places. After the opening of travel, it will be more convenient to arrange the itinerary when planning to travel to Japan!


***Imperial Palace East Imperial Garden***

The East imperial court of Huangju is the main part of the former Edo city. It is mainly the garden attached to benmaru, Erzhiwan and sanzhiwan. According to the construction of the palace, the palace was built as the garden of the imperial residence and opened to the general public since 1968.

Season open time



Approximately 5 minutes on the Otemachi station of Tokyo Metro

About 15 minutes on the JR Tokyo Station



It is one of the representative gardens in Edo period, which is designated as a national special scenic spot. From the end of November each year, the trees in the spacious garden begin to turn red and gold. During the maple leaf season, lights are lit at night, creating a wonderful scene different from that of the day.


Season open time

9:00~17:00(2020 light up is stopped )


About 7 minutes on the “Komagome” station on the JR Yamanote Line and Tokyo-Metro Namboku Line


***Koishikawa Korakuen***

It’s a Japanese garden near the Tokyo Dome. Here, you can experience the different natural scenery when you stay in the center of the city. You can enjoy all kinds of scenery in every season. Especially in autumn, maple trees are colorful, especially the maple leaves of Oigawa River.


Open time


Fee :JPY 300

About 3 minutes on the Toei Subway Oedo Line “Iidabashi” station


***Mejiro Garden***

Here is a Japanese garden with a spring and pond. You can see tAkatorian and Rokkakutei, illuminated by autumn leaves. Colorful trees and stone towers project on the water, forming a wonderful scenery.

Season open time

9:00~17:00 The lighting at night will be changed, and it will be closed on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month (the next day in case of national holidays)

Free entry(If there is light up is JPY 200)

Access: About 5 minutes on the JR Yamanote Line “Mejiro” station


***Hamarikyu Gardens***

This garden, 5.5 times larger than the Tokyo Dome, is the only seawater pond in Tokyo. It is characterized by guiding the sea water and changing the taste of the pond according to the rise and fall of the tide. Although there are urban buildings in the surrounding area, the typical Daming garden remains in the Edo period, and it has been designated as a national special scenic spot and a special historical site.

Season open time 


Fee:JPY 300

About 7 minutes on the Toei Subway Oedo Line / Tokyo Rinkai Shinkotsu Rinkai Line “Shiodome” station


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