Understanding the waste in life and know the concept of sustainability! 2020/11/12

Sustaina-Kyoto , the fact that the SDGs can continue to exist is the most important thing to do with the whole world, and the abolition of the whole world and the people concerned, and after the industrialization revolution, after the industrialization revolution, the person who disappears in the horizontal increase, and the home of the individual is added, and it is increased in the amount of this offerings.

The construction of the waste disposal facility was carried out, and the environmental control technology was carried out, and the firing furnace and the electric power plant.

The weight loss, the earth warming countermeasure, the biodiversity, the regeneration ability source, the environmental appearance, and so on, and the pleasant learning are possible.


At present, the Tour Commentary of the center is mainly in Japanese, but there are three languages for each scenic spot (Chinese, English and Japanese)

After visiting such facilities, people’s awareness of garbage classification can be increased. Among them, there are also sdgs propaganda, so that visitors can understand that they can make a contribution to the environment, especially through the three themes of reduce. Reuse. Recycle, in their own life.

There are about 1.47 million people living in Beijing. The amount of general garbage in a year is 400000 ton

It is suitable to bring children here to understand the importance of sustainability and environment

The burning ashes are sent here to fill the land. In the past 10 years, half of the open space between the two mountains has been filled in!!

There is also have a viewing platform, you can overlook the Kyoto city. 

This photo is shocking. Over the past 10 years, more and more food waste has been discarded, and all kinds of unopened and expired food have been completely discarded!! When we buy food, should we check the shelf life and the quantity needed!

Take a trip here, let’s rethink whether our daily life causes too much waste, excessive shopping, food surplus… From now on, before purchasing goods, think again whether there is a real need, whether there is a substitution, and how much quantity is needed. Reducing garbage starts from you and me!!


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