What should couple in Japan wedding for attention to after the COVID-19? 2020/11/09

For the bridegroom and bride who get married after 2020, everyone is working hard!! I believe that marriage after the epidemic must be a different experience. At present, there are still weddings in Japan! However, many people will have some doubts. Here we will explain one by one, so that we can have a peaceful wedding!

***After arrivals***

If you can’t make an appointment to enter Japan for a long time, you can’t pick up and pick up Japanese students by bus in September 2020, so you can’t pick up and pick up students from Japan after September 14.

Some people will ask, is it impossible for isolation to go out?

In fact, if you are buying necessities or food, you can still go out, so the food part can also be purchased. Don’t worry!

***Take your temperature***

In addition, our staff will take their temperature every day. In addition, in line with the government’s requirements, we will also invite guests and couples to take their temperature 14 days before the wedding. If the temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, guests may not be able to attend.

***On the wedding day***

When entering the venue, they will require hand disinfection and temperature detection. After the guests leave, the tables and chairs will be disinfected. The environment space in the church will also be regularly ventilated. The places where the hands touch, such as doorknobs and elevators, will also be disinfected. Please come to the wedding with peace of mind!!

***Birde and groom***


The makeup teacher will also bring a transparent mask to help the groom and bride to make up. The make-up products will always be clean. If the bride cares about the brush, you are welcome to bring your own cosmetics for the makeup artist to use and make up!


***In the chapel ***

First of all, the guests will be asked to take a seat separately. If the number of guests is small, we hope that we can take off the masks during the ceremony in order to take pictures during the ceremony (but we suggest that you wear the masks before the epidemic is over).

Of course, please take good care of your health. After the general visitors are open to enter Japan, we sincerely wait for your visiting!


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