How to apply SDGs concept to wedding ceremony?! 2020/11/05

SDGs was adopted by UN member states in 2015. Before 2030, SDGs (sustainable development goals) is to participate in the action of “sustainable development goals” and make the world work together. There are 17 major goals!

But only visible actions can be implemented and achieved! Marriage is a major event in life. How can we do our best from this?

The following is the starting point of these meetings

***Choose and buy goods that are based on the environment and users***

For example, the use of real estate consumption, strict control of waste in the manufacturing process, and so on, the most commonly mentioned in the market is “green products”. It is suggested that you can buy such products as a gift to a guest.

Avoid plastic components, choose natural materials, and do not contain harmful chemical components

You can give away environmental bags, environmental protection tableware, and chopsticks used by guests at the wedding banquet. After dinner, you can take them home and reuse them.

***Confirmation of wedding banquet number***

In order to avoid unnecessary waste of food at the banquet, controlling the number of guests is the most important point. There are often many brides and brides who are worried about the number of guests. There are several ways to confirm in advance.

  1. Provide online coupon
  2. Make a table card for guests on the table, because to make a table card, you must ask the guests about the number and name of the guests


***Choose a place with sustainability as its concept***

Now many venues are trying to change to the environment for the guests as the starting point, provide reusable tableware, do not use disposable tableware, buildings with green energy concept, such as using LED lights, energy-saving equipment, air conditioning settings or reduce the use of


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