Take a trip in Minato dist. Tokyo! 2020/11/02

There are a lot of scenic spots to visit in zone 23 of Tokyo. I really like Tokyo in the port area!

In 1947, the three districts of old Chih Ma Bu chiban were merged into the port area. Today, the port area is located in the southeast of Tokyo and adjacent to Tokyo Bay. The more famous city streets in the territory include Akasaka, Xinqiao, binsongting and other business streets, liubenmu, where foreign tourists and bars gather, hemp cloth and platinum platform in high-grade residential area, Castle Peak of high-grade Shop Street, emerging entertainment and sightseeing area platform, and two large-scale complex metropolitan areas, liubenmu new city (liubenmu) and Tokyo Midtown, which have been gradually developed since 2002 The Tokyo Tower, one of the most important landmarks of Tokyo, is also located in this area.

***Tokyo Tower***

This is a 333M high radio tower, which was made public on December 24, 1958. It is now the second tallest building in Japan.

There are popular theme parks such as aquarium, Tokyo pirate tower, restaurants and official shops of Tokyo Tower. Whether couples or their families, they can not only view the scenery from the outlook platform, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery in the tower. In addition, the lighting show after sunset is divided into summer and winter, and the colors will change according to the season, activities and publicity! Especially from 20:00 to 22:00 on Saturday, the diamond veil as a two-hour limited light is a must see!



Because it can overlook the romantic night scene, it is often used as the location of TV series. The unique atmosphere of Tokyo development zone can be fully enjoyed by rainbow bridge, TV Headquarters designed by famous architectural designer Kenzo Tanaka, and Venus Ford (shopping center) which can confirm the latest trend in Tokyo.


***Roppongi hills***

New scenic spots in Tokyo in April 2003, as a private led redevelopment, Japan’s largest new street was born. Centering on the landmark forest tower of the mound of six benki trees, hotels, cinemas, commercial facilities, art galleries and prospect platforms will all gather together. Many shops have made unique signs only here, and can get secret luxury.

***Aqua Park***

It has been open for ten years. It is one of the famous aquarium attractions in pynchuan. Through the cooperation of music, light and biology, it is an unprecedented entertainment place. Its name is also Aqua Park, which opened on July 10, 2015! (only 2 minutes walk from Pinchuan station)

Dolphin show, intimate contact program (charge), mini show and so on!


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