SDGs start with ourselves - Item 13 2020/10/30

In goal 13 of sdgs, the subject of “specific response to climate change” is clearly put forward. The greenhouse gas (GHG) considered as the problem of climate change has increased by 50% compared with 1990, and it is still on the rise. For such a climate change problem, if we don’t take any measures, it is likely to cause more and more serious damage to the earth’s environment, which can’t be retrieved in the end. So what should we do to make our efforts? Please take a look at our suggestions!

***Energy saving***

Turn off the lights, reduce the use of time, in addition, there is no use of household appliances, plug out, and turn on the air conditioner, you can refer to the following

· air conditioning (set temperature 28 ℃) electricity 18.78kwh, crude oil 4.73l, CO2 reduction 7.8kg

· heating (set temperature 20 ℃), electricity 40.73kwh, crude oil 10.26l, CO2 reduction 16.8kg

***Reduce cooking resources***

This is not to say that we should not cook, but when we are cooking, we should first start from buying food, try to eat seasonal ingredients, buy and sell ingredients from real estate, and then we should also allocate the amount of purchasing. We should not waste food due to the expiration of the tasting period due to excessive purchase. Finally, we should try to cook vegetables at the same time and reduce the use of electrical appliances.


***Reducing carbon dioxide emissions***
Traffic can be less driving or cycling, can take public transport or cycling, pollution-free transport!

The Paris Agreement is a continuation of the Kyoto Protocol of 1997. “Compared with before the industrial revolution, the average temperature rise in the world should be kept below 2 ℃, and efforts should be made to keep it below 1.5 ℃. Therefore, in the second half of the 21st century, it is very important to keep the balance between the emissions of greenhouse gases and the absorption (according to the forest area, etc.).


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